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Book Review: Baseball Fantography

May 1, 2012

Most baseball writers such as myself aren’t paid for the bulk of their work. Most of us are continually trying to build and maintain a consistent audience, with the hope that someday we might make some money from doing what we love. But one of the perks that comes with operating a site such as this one are the opportunities that will occasionally present themselves, such as receiving a free copy of a new baseball book.

You may recall that around this time last season there were a handful of books that I reviewed here at BFTB. With a new season underway, those offers have started to come in once again. First on my reading list, Baseball Fantography: A Celebration in Snapshots and Stories from the Fans.

Baseball Fantography is a celebration of the game of baseball pulled straight from the memories of those fans who’ve spent such a large portion of their lives following the game. The book’s author, Andy Strasberg (no relation to Nationals’ pitcher Stephen Strasburg), was initially inspired to start such a project when he discovered some old photos of himself as a teenage with his childhood idol, Roger Maris. He started to wonder if others had some of these old, forgotten treasures laying around. Once he began collecting them, Baseball Fantography was promptly born.

The entire book of nearly 200 pages is filled with stories, anecdotes, and photographs from fans across years of baseball. Each and every one from a regular, everyday fan. Famed broadcaster Bob Costas provided the book’s forward and MLB Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith offers some stories of his own.

Baseball Fantography is a great coffee table book for even the most casual baseball fan and flipping through its pages offers a multitude of great stories and photos.

Update: For a chance to win a free copy of this book, head on over to my Washington Nationals site, District on Deck for further information.

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