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What would you like to see from BFTB?

January 12, 2012

While BFTB is a major source of pride – considering I’ve built the site into what it is entirely on my own, entirely from scratch, and nearly entirely without a clue what I was doing – I often find myself overly critiquing it. I’ve nit picky about the site layout (perhaps why we’ve undergone a slight facelift that you may have noticed). I’ve considered whether trying to cover the entire sport, rather than just one team, has held me back. I continue to question where my opportunities are or what type of posts I could be writing to attract a broader audience. That in turn causes me to question whether all of my questioning is really what’s holding me back.

While I still consider myself a baseball fan first, I still have a loyal allegiance to the Yankees. Considering I live within an hour of Boston, I also find myself deep in the heart of Red Sox Nation – surrounded by family and friends who love the Red Sox as much as I the Yankees. I’m certainly knowledgeable – and opinionated – when it comes to the two franchises. Shifting the focus of this blog to a “rivalry-centric” focus would seem like a natural choice.

But then, I wonder: Do I limit my coverage to just the two teams, especially where there are so many Yankees and Red Sox blogs in existence? Do I expand and just cover the AL East? Somehow that ultimately ends up with me trying to cover the entire sport once again. An undertaking that has proven challenging by one’s self.

So, I’m looking for some feedback and the best place to find said feedback would be you, my audience and my peers. What do you guys want to see from BFTB moving forward? Do I keep the site focused on the game as a whole, or narrow that field in an effort to bring more consistent content? Do I maintain the status quo, stop questioning myself, and just keep writing?

Leave me a comment. Send along a Tweet. Or write me an email. Any thoughts, suggestions, and ideas are more than appreciated so let me express my thanks in advance.

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