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The Return of BFTB

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year’s! It is officially 2012. A new year – one that will be filled with countless new challenges, thought provoking experiences, and joyous occasions. It’s one to be excited about.

As for BFTB, it looks to be one of transition, in a sense. This site is one that I built from the ground up. I’ve always done all of the writing, editing, site adjustments, and networking. BFTB was a source of pride for the first year and a half that I ran it. In that time I grew up a steady audience.

But, this past October a new opportunity became available. I was given a chance to take control of a site dedicated to a singular team (the Nationals), part of a larger network of sites that has grown steadily into one of the leaders in the industry. As Editor and Lead Writer for District on Deck, my focus has been steadily on building that site over the past three months. In the process I’ve written more consistently than I ever did with BFTB. I’ve seen the increase in traffic, networked with more great individuals, and connected with a larger group of readers. But I’ve also neglected BFTB completely.

Originally when I took over DoD I was in belief that I could maintain both sites. Thus far, that challenge hasn’t been undertaken. But, with a new year beginning, it seems as good a time as any to rectify such a situation once again. Expect new things from BFTB in 2012. Posts may not be as frequent, but they’ll be here in whatever regularity I can maintain.

My passions have always extended to the game of baseball as a whole, not just focused on one particular team. BFTB has been my voice for those thoughts and part of that passion. It’s time BFTB returns to continue what we’ve started.

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