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Manny Ramirez Never Needs to Work Again

July 1, 2011

Upon his sudden retirement in April after the public learned he had failed an MLB drug test for the second time, most people probably figured that Manny Ramirez would never work in baseball again. We know his playing days are over. And let’s face it, with two suspensions for PED usage we won’t be seeing him in a coaching capacity anytime soon. To be fair, Manny never seemed like the type who’d want to come back to the game as a coach once his playing career ended.

Well, it turns out Manny doesn’t need to work again.

Thanks to the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo we’re reminded that starting today the Boston Red Sox owe the slugger $2 Million in deferred money. He’ll receive a check in that amount every year on this day from now until 2026.

That’s $30 Million.

According to documents involving the Dodgers’s bankruptcy filings earlier this week, the team’s largest creditor is actually Ramirez. They owe him a total of $21 Million in deferred payments.

That gives us a running total of $51 Million in payments that Ramirez will receive. Thanks to the folks at Baseball Reference, Manny’s already earned approximately $204 Million through his career.

Like I said, it would appear that Ramirez will likely never need to work again. He can sit on a beach somewhere and just be …. Manny.

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