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BBA General Chapter Announces 2011 All Star Game Selections

June 27, 2011

It is time once again to look ahead to the upcoming All Star Game. This year’s game will be July 12 in Phoenix. In anticipation of the game, it is also the time of year where the Baseball Bloggers Alliance conducts our own polling to select this year’s starting lineups. As President of the BBA’s General Chapter, one of my duties is to tally and submit our official ballot.

Each member of the General Chapter was invited to submit a vote for each starting position on the diamond as well as a starting pitcher and reliever. It is the blogger’s discretion whether a vote is submitted for all or some of the eligible positions. The players listed below were named to a majority of ballots. Votes were cast by myself and the following BBA member blogs:

Without any further delay, our starting lineups for the 2011 MLB All Star Game:


American League Position National League
Alex Avila C Brian McCann
Adrian Gonzalez 1B Prince Fielder
Robinson Cano 2B Rickie Weeks
Alex Rodriguez 3B Placido Polanco
Asdrubal Cabrera SS Jose Reyes
Jose Bautista OF Matt Kemp
Curtis Granderson OF Andrew McCutchen
Jacoby Ellsbury OF Ryan Braun
David Ortiz DH
Justin Verlander SP Roy Halladay
Mariano Rivera RP Jonny Venters


Some thoughts and observations …..

Only two players were named on all eligible ballots and both have a home in the AL outfield – Bautista and Granderson. Weeks, McCann, and Ortiz appeared on all but one ballot.

The closest race was at third base in the NL. Polanco (surprisingly) received 4 votes. Chipper Jones and Ryan Roberts each received 3 votes. Chase Headley and Pablo Sandoval each received 2.

Most submissions managed to avoid favoring their hometown teams. However, there were votes cast for Alex Gordon, Brandon League, Denard Span, Matt Joyce, Brett Gardner, and Drew Stubbs to start the game. While each is having respectable seasons in their own right, none of their respective performances – or careers – screams “All Star starter”.

Nobody would have expected the success that Atlanta has had in the backend of their bullpen this year with a pair of rookies, but the things that Venters and Craig Kimbrel are doing have been worth watching. And despite the big name relievers that pitch in the NL, the votes were heavily in favor of Venters heading to the game in the desert. Pittsburgh’s Joel Hanrahan was the only other reliever to receive any votes. He too will likely end up at the game.

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