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Contributions Across the Blogosphere

May 5, 2011

I’ve had a few opportunities recently to offer up some thoughts – literally just a paragraph or two – about some hot topics that other fellow bloggers have been looking to cover at their sites. These “exchanges” are often pretty fun and are always a good read when you get to see the opinion/perception from a multitude of people in one place. Considering us bloggers need to look out for one another, I wanted to be sure to post a link to each post that I helped contribute to.

The first is one that admittedly I’m long overdue in getting a link to. Back in mid March, Daniel Aubain of COSFBA (that’s Colorado Springs Fantasy Baseball Addict) ran a post examining what kind of impact we may see from Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper in his first professional season. My thoughts are the second segment down in the post.

Just this past week I was asked by Peter DeMarco of Some Thoughts on Baseball for some thoughts on Jose Bautista. The question essentially was whether Bautista should now be considered an elite player and can he sustain the successes he found in 2010? My contribution is near the end of the post.

Go check them out and support my fellow bloggers.


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