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Rounding the Bases w/ the BBA’s General Chapter: 03/19/11

March 19, 2011

The countdown has officially reached the two week mark as the beginning of the regular season is just around the corner. Coincidentally that same date, April 1st, I’ll finally be moving into my new apartment and will be able to re-establish some sort of routine – both with my writing and in general. The past few weeks have been trying, in a sense, as I’ve found myself consistently thinking about sitting down to write but never actually following through with doing so. There are some updates to the site that need to be made – some new links to be added and the like. I’ve also got some new ventures in the works and a few books to review. All things coming in due time.

For now, however, let’s take the opportunity to catch up with the ongoings of some of my colleagues in the baseball blogging world with another edition of Rounding the Bases.

  • The Hall of Very Good brings us word that at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival there will be a feature examining the psychology of die-hard sports fans, specifically with regard to the Steve Bartman situation that I’m sure we all remember. Also, check out the Seattle Mariners’ latest television commercial which (smartly) plays on the fact that Ichiro Suzuki can hit just about anything. Speaking of Ichiro, in the wake of the earthquake/tsunami that recently affected his native Japan the outfielder has made a sizeable ($1.24 Million – that’s US dollars) donation to the relief efforts. I’ve always been a fan of his since he first debuted with the Mariners ten years ago. Acts like this are part of the reason why.
  • If you’re a fan of trying to predict the upcoming season – think of it as filling out your NCAA bracket, only you won’t know the results until October – then head on over to Wezen-Ball and fill out an entry into Larry’s prediction contest.
  • The ladies of Babes Love Baseball continued their season preview haiku series with looks at Florida and Atlanta.
  • Over at Call to the Pen, Nathaniel took a look at why he believes that Houston’s Jordan Lyles has the potential to be an ace, rather than simply a mid-rotation starter.
  • The Straw That Stirs The Drink examined the lack of formal Captains across the game with some speculation on who “The Man” is for a number of teams.
  • Ever wonder why we don’t see more 20 triple seasons? Well, so did The Flagrant Fan who looks at the rare feat in the game’s history. Amazingly with all of the changes to things over the past few years we might see 20 triple careers even less and less. The Fan also looks at the numbers teams have retired over the years, with some suggestions for additions to the list. He has some good ideas but there are a good number of people being left off the list for one reason or another, in my opinion.
  • The Ghost of Moonlight Graham examines the Mets’ decision to (finally) cut ties with Luis Castillo. The saga plaguing the organization is growing sadder each day, especially considering they’ll likely be releasing Oliver Perez in another few days as well. The team is at least starting to make strides towards getting things on track, at least from a personnel standpoint, so there has to be some hope that things will get better in New York. The Ghost also has a few notes from Nationals camp including the sponsorship of Bryce Harper and Mike Morse’s case to start on Opening Day.
  • The guys at The Golden Sombrero have been working on their own Top 50 Prospects list all winter and they’re finally coming to the end, with scouting reports for #2 Michael Trout and #3 Dustin Ackley being posted within the past few days. They also have long done an “MLB Look-alike” series which I’ve always enjoyed. Brian Wilson and Street Fighter’s Zangief – just go take a look for yourself.
  • Chris over at Number One Baseball looks briefly at the gluttony of arms competing for the final two spots in the Cubs rotation, just one of many questions yet to be answered this Spring.
  • Sully Baseball compares the Barry Bonds trial to the latest season of American Idol and I couldn’t agree with his summation more – I’m aware of it happening, but couldn’t care less.
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