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Rounding the Bases w/ the BBA’s General Chapter: 02/23/11

February 23, 2011

Typically speaking, I set out with the creation of the Rounding the Bases series with the intention of posting a new installment a minimum of every other week. In time, I figured, I would ramp up the frequency and make it a weekly feature here. Yet, at any other blogger can tell you, sometimes the responsibilities of life need to take a larger role and writing just simply needs to take a back seat to the things of higher priority. The past two weeks I have been focused on adjusting to a new job and searching for a new apartment, so writing has been pushed to the back burner. With some time today, I thought it would be prudent to take a look at what has been going on in the blogosphere over the last three weeks, specifically within the Baseball Bloggers Alliance’s General Chapter, with a special Wednesday edition of Rounding the Bases. Now, on to the links:

  • Getting us started this week is The Flagrant Fan who took a look at some of the reasons why the Nationals need to avoid rushing Bryce Harper to the Majors. In another piece, The Fan examines why players such as Hideki Matsui still require a translator despite playing in the US for a number of years when most teams spend countless hours teaching their Latin American signings to speak and read English on their own. Finally, The Fan questions whether a change in management will permit Travis Snider to get a fair shot this year in Toronto.
  • Chris Papas of Number One Baseball has been going through the process of trying to come up with an “all-time team” one position at a time. So far he’s addressed the outfield and first base, coming up with a roster of Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, and Lou Gehrig. Not a bad start.
  • Russ Blatt took a look at the Top 5 injuries of the 2010 season as he sat home with the flu while Spring Training was getting underway.
  • Over at Old Time Family Baseball we get a few “feel good” stories from the past few weeks. Michael Young hasn’t let his frustrations be taken out on the fans in Texas as he recently spent some time with one of his younger fans, taking the boy on a shopping spree at the team store in Arlington. Meanwhile, Rafael Furcal took notice that his hometown in the Dominican Republic didn’t have a fire truck so he donated one and is covering much of the town’s 6,000 residents’ hospital fees.
  • The guys at Call to the Pen have been busy breaking down each team’s non-roster invitations to Spring Training, so head on over and check those out. CTTP contributor Thomas Pinzone also takes a look at the Padres’ new double play combination of Jason Bartlett and Orlando Hudson.
  • At Left Field, they’ve taken a stab at creating an “All Left Field Team” of players whose primary position was, of course, left field but who also spent time in their careers elsewhere on the diamond.   The list was followed up with a brief look at the Top 20 left fielders of all time.
  • Figure Filbert continues to project the upcoming season of a number of Rays. His latest looks cover center fielder B.J. Upton, catcher Kelly Shoppach, and outfielder Matt Joyce.
  • Mike Cardano of Around the Horn Baseball takes a look at the fantasy baseball impact of the Rangers uncertainty over Neftali Feliz’s role long term. He also points out that Hank Steinbrenner’s recent comments about (indirectly, so says Steinbrenner but we all know who he was talking about) Derek Jeter stem from nothing but simple jealousy.  
  • Regarding Miguel Cabrera’s DUI arrest: Baseballism examines Cabrera’s history of drinking trouble and asks the question of how the Tigers intend to go about helping him with the problem. The Fan thinks the initial reaction should be of concern, rather than judgement, when it comes to how we treat his situation.
  • Matthew Norcutt of The Straw That Stirs The Drink took a stab at his own Lifetime All Star team, comprised solely of players since he began watching the game in 2002.
  • Despite being just 21, there seems to be a growing consensus, according to Diamond Hoggers, that Jason Heyward is one of the Top 5 players (offensively) in all of baseball and could win the NL MVP this year if he can stay healthy.
  • In what has become a yearly tradition, the ladies at Babes Love Baseball are running through their season previews, haiku style.
  • The Ghost of Moonlight Graham looks at Gary Sheffield’s career now that the slugger has officially retired. He sees a Hall of Fame caliber career, but points to a number of comparable players who should be enshrined first. He also examines the role Kyle Blanks will fill for the Padres, assuming he’s fully healthy, now that they’ve filled out their roster with capable veterans.
  • The guys at Off Base Percentage come to the same conclusion on Sheffield’s Hall of Fame chances. They also suggest some new Taco Bell inspired nicknames for Joakim Soria, who’s reportedly asked via Twitter for fans to replace his “Mexicutioner” moniker.
  • Over at The Hall of Very Good, the guys look at the end to Garret Wittels’ hitting streak as he was unable to catch Robin Ventura’s record. They also make a case for making Major League 3 (or the fourth installment, depending on whether you agree or disagree with Charlie Sheen’s thoughts on Major League: Back to the Minors) as has reportedly been rumored lately after Giants closer Brian Wilson was recently caught at the actor’s house by TMZ.
  • Sully Baseball took some time to compile an all time 25-man roster for the Cubs. The catch – each player spent some time in Chicago with the team but later went on to win a World Series elsewhere.
  • The Platoon Advantage examines how the Cardinals’ playoff hopes will be affected by the loss of Adam Wainwright.
  • The guys over at The Golden Sombrero continued their Top 50 Prospects series with looks at Shelby Miller, Chris Sale, Michael Pineda, and more. They also brought up an interesting point/counterpoint argument looking at whether Albert Pujols’ impending free agency is a good or bad thing for baseball.
  • Jason Hunt of Jason’s Baseball Blog took a look at the potential value of allowing teams to trade draft picks.
  • Finally, the newest addition to the BBA General Chapter – Through The Fence Baseball – brings us a look at Boston’s journey to acquire Adrian Gonzalez and wonders what kind of impact Jason Bay will have on the Mets with a full healthy season.
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