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One Month Away From MLB 2K11

February 9, 2011

While pitchers and catchers begin to officially report to Spring Training on Monday, there’s another day circled on my calendar that’s just a month away (technically a month from yesterday). It’s when the new year’s editions of baseball video games are released. Now, I have to admit up front, I’m one of the ones who purchases the new year’s game each year for the updated rosters and tweaks that are made to the game from year to year. I’ve been looking forward to the new game ever since mid-November and have been anxiously awaiting its release. Thankfully, 2K Sports has released a few videos to both promote the game and this year’s incarnation of the “Perfect Game Challenge”.

Last year was the first we saw of the “Perfect Game Challenge” – essentially the first to pitch a perfect game in an online mode won a $1 Million prize. The winning entry was submitted just days after the game’s release. There were naturally some rules to verify all entries – you had to be playing in a specific online mode, you had to videotape your entire game from system startup to completion, and you had to mail a copy of your taped performance to 2K Sports. Presumably this year’s edition will have some similar caveats to it.


Naturally 2K Sports has started releasing a few videos of the game, its features, and a glimpse of what the game will look like. I’ve copied a few below because I think they’re worth sharing. I’m not big on video game reviews, but once the game comes out I’m sure I’ll have some thoughts to share once I can actually play it. Until then, enjoy!

BTW – This is post #100 here at Blogging From The Bleachers. While no major milestone, I’m proud to say I’ve stuck with it consistently and reached this point. On to the next hundred and beyond.


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