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Rounding the Bases w/ the BBA’s General Chapter: 02/04/11

February 4, 2011

One of the many goals of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance is to bring some of the many baseball bloggers together in an effort to collaborate on ideas and share insights. As President of the BBA’s General Chapter – the largest individual chapter within the organization – one of the things that I am aiming to accomplish in 2011 is to showcase the talented writers that make up our corner of the Internet. With that being said, it’s time for another installment in our series. Now, on to the links:

  • The Hall of Very Good gets us started this week with an examination of Billy Wagner’s Hall of Fame chances now that the left hander has formally filed his retirement papers with the MLB league offices. As they remind us, the BBWAA has notoriously taken a strange approach towards closers in the past but there are a few who will be coming up for induction in the years to come (like Trevor Hoffman and eventually Mariano Rivera, if he ever retires) that may warrant enough consideration to finally start to change that mindset.
  • Our friends over at Off Base Percentage have taken it upon themselves to spend a little time each week chronicling the ridiculous things that Jose Canseco has been up to (and Tweeting about). In case you aren’t one of Canseco’s 370,000+ followers on Twitter you are missing out. I think I follow him just for the laughs, to be honest. But, as MTD points out, Canseco has spent much of this offseason pining whining for a job somewhere with claims that he could out-homer any AL DH and even directly pleas begs to new Mets GM Sandy Alderson (for whom Canseco played for in Oakland in the 1980s) for a chance to prove himself at first base in Spring Training. The latest in this string of lunacy, Canseco took his bat and participated in a home run derby of sorts with softball home run king Jeff Hall (whom you may remember from last summer’s US vs. Canada tournament that was highlighted on Sportscenter). I’ll leave you to watch the video embedded in the post but I’ll say this, Canseco’s an idiot with a big mouth.
  • The new head of Call to the Pen, Nathaniel Stolz, took a look at the impact on the Orioles the signing of Justin Duchscherer will have and thinks the move actually strengthens their rotation. Former CTTP head, and friend of the blog, Wally Fish has taken on The Fansided Network’s Twins coverage with his new blog, Puckett’s Pond. Wally’s a good guy, so check it out if you’re a Twins fan.
  • Speaking of writers moving to new locations (as if we didn’t get enough coverage of the Rob Neyer decision earlier this week) one of the members of the General Chapter had a big announcement this week as Larry from Wezen-Ball announced he’ll be doing most of his writing over at Baseball Prospectus now. The fate of Wezen-Ball seems a little up in the air and I don’t yet know how this move will affect his membership in the BBA, but I wish Larry the best of luck in his new venture.
  • Meanwhile, The Flagrant Fan took an in depth look at all of the moves we’ve seen recently (Neyer, Larry, new additions to the FanGraphs crew) and how they affect, and influence, the individual bloggers such as ourselves in our respective quests to turn this beloved hobby into a full time career. As he points out, it’s kind of ironic (and a sign of the slowness of winter) how the writers are the ones making the headlines for a change instead of those we write about.
  • Sully Baseball chimes in this week with questions about why the Mariners are so openly willing to give Milton Bradley another chance when he’s had so many “second chances” already and wonders why a team in rebuilding mode would waste a roster spot for a guy who’s clearly not part of those rebuilding plans.
  • Over at Figure Filbert, our friend Jonathan opines whether Scott Kazmir should abandon his slider in an effort to regain his once promising career by comparing the situation to the successes of Jon Lester and David Price once they made the same move.
  • The ladies of Babes Love Baseball (or, more accurately Sooze, since she seems to be the one doing most of the writing over there) took a brief look at the extension handed to Alexei Ramirez this week by the White Sox.
  • One of the writers at 85% Sports sat down and had a conversation with Minnesota Twins pitcher Jeff Manship that is worth checking out. If you’re in a Q&A mood, you can also take a look at the exchange I had this past week with the National’s Matt Antonelli.
  • Around the Horn Baseball went over their offseason winners and losers in a pair of posts. The American League post can be found here, the National League is here.
  • Baseballism took a look at the turnover the Rays have seen this winter while concluding they’ll finish in the middle of the pack in AL East.
  • Meanwhile, Baseball Daily Digest examines the impact the Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez signings will have on the Rays.
  • Old Time Family Baseball says their goodbyes to Jermaine Dye, who recently hinted that he’d rather retire than take a minor league contract somewhere.
  • Rational Pastime took a brief look at the continuing saga of the Mets and their relationship to Bernie Madoff.
  • It’s something called “Hideous Baseball Week” over at Diamond Hoggers where the focus is on stories from their childhood and thoughts on players who were largely unspectacular in their careers. One such story caught my eye, as they went through a friend’s take on the Indians-Yankees trade in 2000 in which Cleveland parted ways with David Justice for a mere spare part in Ricky Ledee.
  • The guys over at The Golden Sombrero continued their countdown of their Top 50 prospects with looks at Brett Lawrie, Martin Perez, Kyle Drabek, Yonder Alonso, and others.
  • Jason’s Baseball Blog is continuing a similar series, examining the prospect statuses of Jameson Taillon, Jonathan Singleton, Zack Cox, Kyle Gibson, and others.
  • Going Yard examines the cost of being a contender in terms of how recent moves have impacted the farm system of the Milwaukee Brewers.
  • Finally, The Ghost of Moonlight Graham runs through ten breakout candidates for the 2011 season.
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