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Mashup: Posnanski, Baseball America, Championship gear, Dukes, Steinbrenner

November 3, 2010

The offseason has gotten under way with a busy few days in the world of baseball. In addition to the growing number of players who have formally filed for free agency there have been countless option decisions announced, players claimed via waivers, and even a handful of arbitration eligibles to sign 2011 contracts over the past two days. Let’s take a quick look at what else is going on:

  • Sports Illustrated’s Joe Posnanski kicked off the week with a look at some of the statistics that we all use that he thinks ought to be simplified a bit. It’s a good read, although I don’t completely agree with all of his ideas.
  • Baseball America started off their postseason organizational Top 10 rankings this week. The lists for Baltimore and Boston are already up. Toronto will be posted on Friday. The remaining teams will be released sporadically between now and the end of January. They always seem to give it a few days in-between posting each team which I’ve never fully understood. But hey, with the quality of these lists that is mainly just because I’d like to see them all sooner rather than later.
  • Apparel makers typically print up about 300 or so copies of championship gear for each team involved in a championship game or series. If that’s the case, what happens to all of that Texas Ranger 2010 World Series Champion stuff? Well, here’s your answer. I had been under the impression for a few years that this practice was already taking place but apparently MLB only joined in the efforts a few years ago. The NFL and NBA have done this for much longer.
  • In response to his latest arrest (yup, another one) Fangraphs takes a look at the lost potential of Elijah Dukes.
  • Hal Steinbrenner was recently asked about the upcoming Yankee offseason and had some remarks about Derek Jeter’s contract situation that some have overblown. Steinbrenner essentially said they’ll “work something out that satisfies both sides” and “there’s always the possibility things could get messy.” That last part many have overblown, speculating he’s posturing to low-ball Jeter. Bottom line, Jeter will resign with the Yankees probably somewhere in the area of $45-50 Million over three or four seasons. He will never wear another uniform.
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