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Mashup: Alderson, Girardi, Ovations, New Uniforms, Playoff Expansion

October 27, 2010

With the start of the 2010 World Series just minutes away (at least as I started to type this), let’s take a quick spin through the baseball world at some of today’s happenings.

  • The New York Mets seem to finally have their GM search completed with word earlier today that the job will be given to Sandy Alderson. Alderson has been considered the favorite for about two weeks now and he’ll be inheriting quick a challenge after the mess that Omar Minaya created. However, Alderson is not only well respected across the game but has a history of success as GM when he worked for the Oakland A’s. Due to MLB restrictions on big announcements during the World Series we likely won’t have an official announcement from the team until Friday, the first off-day scheduled during the Fall Classic, but team sources did confirm the decision to multiple media outlets.
  • Alderson is going to have a ton to do as he settles into his new role with the Mets. First, however, he’ll likely spend some time trying to determine who the team’s next manager is going to be. Most of the speculation we’ve heard for the past few weeks has minor league manager and former Met Wally Backman as the favorite. Alderson is reportedly known to prefer a low-cost manager rather than a big name although he was responsible for bringing Tony LaRussa to Oakland to manage just three weeks after he had been fired by the Chicago White Sox in 1986. Beyond hiring a new manager he’ll have to take a hard look at the roster to find ways to improve, including determining how and if he can get the organization out of bad contracts to Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo.
  • Speaking of New York and managers, there are already early reports that the Yankees and Joe Girardi have meetings scheduled to finalize a three year extension that would pay him roughly $10 Million total. Girardi had been considered a likely candidate for the opening in Chicago before they hired Mike Quade. Now it seems likely he’ll stick around New York for a few more years where he’s had success.
  • Pre-game lineups were just announced for the World Series and I think the biggest ovations actually went to the two catchers – Buster Posey and Bengie Molina. Posey, of course, has impressed nearly everyone who’s seen him play but Giants fans have quickly turned him into a fan favorite. Molina, who started the year with the team before a midseason trade to Texas to make room for Posey, seems to still be loved by the fans there. It was actually quite impressive.
  • The Nationals are apparently unveiling new uniforms on November 10th. I wasn’t even aware they were planning any changes. But, from what Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post says these changes have been rumored for a few weeks now. Glad I didn’t buy a Strasburg jersey, yet.
  • The MLBPA is reportedly considering an expansion to the current playoff system when the next collective bargaining agreement comes up for discussion, likely starting next summer. To sum up my thoughts on the matter, let me quote ESPN’s Rob Neyer: “I’ll believe this when it actually happens.
  • The Baseball Bloggers Alliance has finished up with all of our year-end awards. I’m going to have another post up shortly with links to all of our official press releases and winners. The actual BBWAA awards usually aren’t announced until after the World Series so we’ll have to wait another two weeks or so for those.
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