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Pitch In For Baseball

July 20, 2010

Generally speaking I won’t go out of my way to publicize any charitable opportunities. However, there is an organization whose efforts I easily can get behind. Pitch In For Baseball is a non-profit charitable organization that focuses on providing new and used baseball equipment to children across the United States and internationally. Founded in 2005, they’ve donated more than 100,000 pieces of equipment to date.

This year, PIFB has been selected as one of the eligible charities associated with the 2010 MLB/State Farm World Series ticket contest. This year’s contest, which official information can be found here, will afford the winner a pair of tickets to Game 3 and Game 4 of this year’s World Series. Additionally, the charity with the most selections has the chance to win up to $25,000 per week from the MLB and State Farm. Entries can be done right online and take a matter of moments to complete.

As you can see, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

This is not my first exposure to PIFB either. One of the blogs that I regularly read is that of Zack Hample. For those who may not know who Zack is, he is an author (working on his fourth book) and ballhawk living in New York City. What’s a ballhawk you say? Well, to put it simplest it’s someone who goes to ballgames with the desire/intent of snagging as many baseballs (foul balls, warm-up balls, home runs, etc.) as they can. Zack’s not personally a fan of the term but he seems to have embraced it. He’s caught just over 4,500 baseballs throughout his “career” so clearly he’s doing something right.

Zack’s association with PIFB is simple. He tracks how many balls he able to snag throughout the season through his blog. Through essentially a pledge drive, he collects donations from readers that correlate directly to how many balls he is able to get. Interested parties can donate as little or as much as they want and at the end of the season they’ll give according to what that final total ends up being. For example, so far this season he’s collected 182 balls in 19 games. At $0.25 a ball that may only add up to $45.50 but if you multiply that by a number of donors then you’re quickly raising some money for a good cause.

So there are two ways you can help out PIFB. Enter to win World Series tickets and be sure to list them as your chosen charity. Or, go over to Zack’s website and make a donation.


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