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Baseball Bloggers Alliance and Linkage

May 25, 2010

Just some quick administrative stuff that I wanted to post. For starters, I (and more importantly, this blog) have joined the Baseball Bloggers Alliance – a group of now close to 200 baseball-centric blogs sharing insight, ideas, and various collaborative efforts amongst its members. For additional information on the BBA, check out our website.

In addition, I’ve started assembling some of my more-frequented links on the sidebar and I just wanted to point them out and comment on a few of them. Cot’s Baseball Contracts is hands-down the best site I’ve come across for thorough contract information including option years, incentive clauses, and other information. It is where I pull 99.9999999% of the contract information I use from. MLB Trade Rumors and are two other sites that I find myself reading multiple times a day that are definitely worth checking out if you aren’t already familiar with them.

I am also going to list links to some of the better team-centric blogs that I come across in my readings. For example, River Avenue Blues is the most comprehensive Yankee-focused blog I’ve found thus far (and believe me, there are a ton of Yankee-focused blogs out there). For one thing, their resident minor league guru, Mike Axisa, is one of the best around when it comes to getting to know the organization’s minor league system. As I come across others, they’ll be added to the list. I’m always open to suggestions so don’t hesitate to pass links along if you know of or write for a blog that’s worth reading.

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